Flower Choreographer

Maribel Ramírez, known as the ‘flower choreographer,’ is a floral designer from Puerto Rico, with over 12 years of experience in the flower and event planning industry. She perfected her skills at the renowned Flower School New York, earning a Professional Program certification. Maribel has trained under industry luminaries like Ariella Chezar, Tulipina’s Kiana Underwood,  Juan M. Villanueva, Calvert Crary, author and owner of FSNY and Kelly Perry founder of Team Flower Community. Her innovative approach, viewing flowers as dancers that express different movements, allows her to create stunning choreographies in a vase. This unique vision, combined with her dedication to sustainability, has established her as a leading name in floral design.

Maribel's work stands out for its blend of artistry and environmental consciousness. As a member of various floral communities, she continuously expands her expertise by attending industry events and staying ahead of design trends. Whether crafting intimate bouquets or grand event installations, her floral arrangements reflect a deep respect for nature and a commitment to excellence. Choose Maribel Ramírez for floral designs that bring elegance, creativity, and a touch of nature’s beauty to any occasion.

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