Bunny Ears of the year!

Bunny Ears of the year!

For this past weekend, our inspiration at Flowers Culture was a pretty pastel palette of colors and a bunch of colorful mason jars we had around our warehouse. We started building mini arrangements for the festivities that could lighten up any living room or dinning area. Of course, our own is know vividly touched at the scene of these colors! If we had to pick one, our favorite color for Easter will have to be blue. It brings such calmness and focus that it is our color of the season.

We wanted to make something different, we tend to go that extra mile, LOL. It wasn't difficult at all! We saw bunny ear diadems as an excuse to relive our childhood at Flowers Culture. We had to give a touch of elegance so, we added a ranunculus to the diadem for it. 

We had the chance of getting together with our friend Camille fro Camille Fontánez Photography and she took AMAZING pictures of our Easter Edition products. Thanks Cami, we can't think of anyone better than you! Also, way to rock that diadem! <3

Enjoy with us these pictures and have a happy easter celebration!

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